Free shipment to shops for orders +500DKK (Denmark) & +1.000DKK (Most of Europe)

FC Spinner is a danish developed and produced high quality product

from fishermen to fishermen!




With the FC Spinner you will get the best lure in the world for salmon, trout and predator fishing!

And every year we are exited to see the catches that are made, on our products.

Many trophy fish are caught and many adventures are made with our lure. When it comes to fishing, the only thing that your next catch will see, is the lure that you present in the water!


Of course you should go with a world class product - why settle for less?




Ìt can be diffucult to choose the right gear for salmon fishing, and therefore we have made it very easy and simplified:


- Salmon fishing made simple -




Besides that the FC Spinner is a high class product when it comes to catching fish, there are some more features to mention:


  • Produced in Denmark 
  • Wide productrange - covers all fishing conditions
  • 100 % leadfree materials - very good for all of us!
  • Handbuilt quality 
  • Unique parts - many parts are made by ourselves or custom designed for us
  • Guarantee - If there is a problem with our products, we will replace it without hesitation
  • Unique catch record - The FC Spinner will increase your chances for the next dreamcatch!

Vedligehold af FC Spinneren

FC Spinnere er kvalitetsprodukter der kan holde i mange år. Især hvis du passer på dem. 

Derfor anbefaler vi følgende, der vil forlænge levetiden på dine spinnere:

  • Sørg for at opbevare spinnere tørt og mørkt når de ikke er i brug
  • Er dine spinnere blevet våde i æsken, så sørg for at få fugten ud, inden de bliver lagt på hylden
  • Opbevar dine spinnere i tilpas store æsker så de ikke bliver klemt (halerne kan være svære at få rettet ud igen)
  • Opbevar dine spinnere så de ikke står på halen og dermed bøjer disse
  • Smør dem ind regelæssigt med special olie som kan fås lige her: Olie til FC spinnere